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Coffee Filter Candy Corn Craft

Candy corn is the staple of fall and many trick-or-treat bags every year! Although I’m personally not a big fan of the white, orange & yellow striped sweet treat {ick!} I sure hope you love today’s Coffee Filter Candy Corn Craft! I do love the colors of candy corn. They are the brightest and happiest candy for fall. And they’re great to craft with.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn Kid Craft

Not only is this Coffee Filter Candy Corn Craft super simple for children of all ages and inexpensive too – BUT they also make for great decorations to celebrate the upcoming season. Just add tape to the back of each piece to display on a wall or just scatter them on a table for a pretty fall tablescape. Super easy right? This would also make a great classroom craft for students.

Sweet and simple is just how we like it around here! Happy crafting my friends!


Coffee Filter Candy Corn Kid Craft Supplies

Coffee Filter Candy Corn Craft

Supplies Coffee Filter Candy Corn:

  • Coffee Filters
  • Orange/Yellow Paint Dabbers
  • Large Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • optional – skip the paint dabbers and use regular paint & a paint brush

Coffee Filter Candy Corn Kid Craft Painting

Coffee Filter Candy Corn Kid Craft Cutting


First flatten and lay a coffee filter in the center of a paper plate.

Now have your child take their paint dabbers and make a separate yellow & orange ring on the coffee filter, leaving the center white. When done, set aside to it dry completely. Repeat if desired.

To finish off the Coffee Filter Candy Corn Kid Craft, cut your painted coffee filter in half. Take both pieces and cut them in half again. You will have four pieces that you will cut in half ONE more time. Now you have your eight finished candy corn pieces that can be displayed easily by adding some tape on the back and sticking them on a wall or just scatter them nicely on a fall tablescape.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn Kid Craft Finished


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