Coloring Coffee Filter Snowflakes

We made paper snowflakes at our house last year, so I thought I’d try it a little different this time with coffee filters. Coffee filters are great for craft projects. Coffee filters are especially great for snowflakes as they already have a circle shape. That works out nicely! We brightened ours up with watercolors, bringing our snowflakes to life. I think they turn out beautiful.

Coloring Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coloring Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Supplies for Watercolor Snowflakes:

  • tray
  • coffee filters
  • scissors
  • watercolor paints
  • water in a cup
  • paint brush or liquid dropper

Fold your coffee filter a few times and cut out some holes.

fold snowflake

cut snowflake

Place the snowflake into a tray with sides. I’m using an old cake pan that’s had it’s day and is now used for crafts. Then place 1, 2, or up to 5 snowflakes together onto the tray. Coffee filters are really thin and a few can be colored at a time. Then either using a regular paint brush or a liquid dropper, watercolor your snowflake.

paint snowflake

Color Snowflakes

Let them dry, hang them up, and enjoy the frosty snow indoors!

coloring snowflakes

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