These sweet little rings are just the pop of color you need to bring the bling! Mom will love these, you will love these.

Crochet a Mini Circle Ring for Mom

Mini Crochet Circle Rings

They are super simple, easy enough for the beginning crocheter. So let’s get started!

Mini Crochet Circle Rings for Mom


  • yarn – any size gauge works – the mini-minis are with Lion Brand Bon BonsĀ 
  • crochet hook – g or h is best
  • scissors
  • crochet needle
  • glue – I love E-6000
  • blank rings – I bought mine at etsy

Crochet supplies for mini circle rings


For these circles, you’re basically making a circle center start. That’s it. It’s one row of a circle start, using a basic 4 chain start and 10-12 single crochets. Here’s my pattern:

1. Chain 4.

Crochet Mini Circles 1

2. Slip stitch through the first chain.

Crochet Mini Circles 2

Crochet Mini Circles 3

3. Chain 10-12 single crochets (sc) through the center of the 4 chained stitches.
For the thicker yarn – sc 10. For the thinner yarn – sc 12.

Crochet Mini Circles 4

4. Slip stitch through the first loop on your first single crochet stitch.

Crochet Mini Circles 5

5. Cut the yarn, and pull it through to finish.

Crochet Mini Circles 6

6. With your crochet needle, thread in both of your tails. I do this through the center of the circle and it helps to tighten your circle’s center, leaving no hole in the middle. Nice and tight.

Crochet Mini Circles 7

Make lots. They are fast. I like to double them up for each ring, one thicker yarn with a contrasting thin smaller yarn.

Crochet Mini Circles 8

Let’s make the rings:

Crochet circle ring supplies

1. Choose your combo of crochet circles. You can keep them single, but adding two is much more fun.

Crochet Mini Circle Rings 1

2. Add a drop of glue to your blank ring and add your crochet circle.

3. Add another drop of glue and add another crochet circle on top for contrast.

Crochet Mini Circle Rings 2

Let these dry completely. It might take a few hours. Then you’ve got some gorgeous new bling!

Crochet Mini Circle Rings 3

So get going, make Mom happy!

Mini Crochet Circle Rings