Best Way to Dip Your Oreo Cookies in Milk!

Are you a dipper? Do you dip your cookies in milk? Some think it makes it soggy. Some think it adds extra flavor. I’m in between. Sometimes I want to eat the cookie just for the cookie, but other times, a good drench in milk can bring it to life. Here’s how we dip our Oreo Cookies in milk – with a FORK!

Using a Fork to Dip Oreo Cookies in Milk

Supplies for Cookie Dipping:

  • creme filled cookies
  • milk
  • fork

Use a Fork For Dipping Oreo Cookies in Milk

Fork your cookie right in the center of the creme, making your fork sandwiched between the 2 sides of cookie. Then dip! Thanks to my brother-in-law Chris, for sharing his cookie dipping wisdom with me!

I love this technique for 2 reasons:

  • You can choose to dip your cookie halfway or all the way, and you don’t get your fingers wet.
  • There’s almost no chance you’re going to lose your cookie to the milk.

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