DIY Fabric Flower Headband

I love all the different fabric flowers there are to make these days. Here is the step by step for a very simple fabric headband. What I love about this one is that you can “slop” it together in a jiffy, and it still looks great!

Here is what you need:

  • one skinny headband (I have a thing for skinny headbands on little girls, I think they are adorable~! )
  • silky fabric (like treeko (sp?) or something like it)
  • matching silky ribbon to match the fabric
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue gun and small pearls

Step 1 – Wrap the fabric with the ribbon.

Step 2 – To prevent the ends of the ribbon from fraying, melt the ends a bit over a candle.

Step 3 – Cut out a mis-shaped oval/circle shape, and thread a needle through the center.

Step 4 – Pull the thread tight causing the fabric to bunch and ruffle.

Step 5 – Tie the thread off with a few knots to secure the cinched fabric together.

Step 6 – Now with a hot glue gun, hot glue the fabric flower to the headband and then hot glue the pearls to the fabric flower.

AND there you have it! A cute (because it’s not perfect at all) fabric flower headband.

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑