DIY: Paper Roll Bracelets

Last month my kids and I had so much fun making paper roll cuff bracelets that we decided to make some more this weekend! We made all sorts of patterns in the cardboard with a very simple tool: a hole puncher! ┬áThese can be painted any color but we chose silver for a metallic look. They’d go great with some Robot Hats!

Do you want to make some too? Great! To get started, you’ll need just a few simple supplies.

DIY Paper Roll Bracelets

Supplies for Paper Roll Bracelets:

  • a few paper rolls
  • scissors
  • a hole puncher
  • paint
  • yarn

Step 1

Cut the paper roll in half down the center and then into cuff sized pieces.

step 1

Step 2

Punch holes with a hole puncher creating any design you wish. You can trim the cuff size down if your hole puncher won’t reach where you want it.

step 3 punch holes

Step 3

Paint the bracelets any color you wish. We chose silver.

step 4 paint

Step 4

Tie the bracelets closed around your arm with yarn.

paper roll bracelets collage

Great job! Your bracelets are fantastic! Make a bunch so you can take them to school and hand them out to friends! Or have some friends over and have a bracelet crafting party!

cuffs made from paper rolls

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