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DIY Velcro Catch Ball

I’m contributing over at Craftzine today for their “super crafty kidz” series. This DIY game of Velcro Catch Ball will keep the kiddies entertained all winter long.

Velcro Catch Ball Craft


  1. i know this is an old post — it’s been sitting in my ‘to do’ favorites for a while & i’m finally getting around to making them :-) i’m having a problem though – i can’t get the gloves to stick to the velcro! yes, i’m using the hard ‘hook’ side. no, it’s not that i don’t have enough stuck to the ball (i can’t even get a glove to stick to a full strip!). no, it won’t stick to either velcro-brand or no-name brand hooks. is it a cotton vs polyester glove thing? (mine feel like poly and yes, they were dollar store cheap.) is it as simple as washing the gloves first?! guess i’ll have to find another gift for my nephew when i see him tomorrow :-( thankfully he’s only 2 so he won’t really know he’s missing anything :-)

  2. I just made these today! SO fun! I had an idea for the soft velcros – they’d be great for the underside of coasters, plates or other things that need a soft bottom to not scratch up furniture! I’m off to use some right now!

  3. Seriously! I love all of your crafts. i go to star almost all of them for when Lou is older. I love how quick and simple they are – anyone can do these. Well, most. :) thanks for the ideas!

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