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Dress Up a Party Favor with Cupcake Liner Flowers

Guest post by Lisette of Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Do you ever tire of passing out treats to your neighbors on paper plates or presenting gifts to friends in gift bags with tissue paper? Here is an easy way to dress up treats, party favors, or to create last minute gift wrapping.

Cupcake Liner Flowers for Gift Bags

Dress Up a Party Favor with Cupcake Liner Flowers

Supplies for Cupcake Liner Flower Gift Tag:

  • cupcake liners – 2 patterns included below
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • 2″ diameter circle of felt
  • 6″ length of ribbon
  • paper lunch bag
  • hole punch
  • scissors

Cupcake Liner Flower supplies

Pattern 1:

1. Cut 2″ diameter circle out of felt. Place dot of hot glue in center of circle, grab the bottom and pinch together with your fingers.

2. Fold cupcake liner in half. Then fold into thirds. Place hot glue on the point of the triangle. Attach triangular part of cupcake liner to the side of felt. Repeat this step three times and then switch to different cupcake liner pattern and repeat five more times.

3. Cut 2″ diameter circle out of felt and attach to backside of flower.

Tutorial for Cupcake Liner Flowers

4. Fold 6″ length of ribbon in half, place dot of glue and attach to felt circle on back.

Gluing Cupcake Liner Flowers

5. Fill solid colored bag with homemade treats. Punch two holes at top of bag. Slide either side of ribbon through bag and tie a knot at the back.

Pattern 2: 

1. Fold two cupcake liners in half. Fold into thirds. Place dot of glue at point and pinch together.

2. Fold additional cupcake liners in half and alternate between attaching cupcake liners that are in half and then cupcake liners that are folded into thirds. Repeat until desired size.

Pattern for Cupcake Flower Liners

3. Attach felt circle to back.

4. Fold 6″ length of ribbon in half. Place dot of glue and attached to felt circle.

5. Punch two holes at top of bag and slide each side of ribbon into hole and tie a knot at the back.

Cupcake Liner Pattern for Flowers

Now it’s ready for giving! Have fun creating.

LisetteLisette Wolter-McKinley is a mother, Interior designer, self taught photographer, world traveler, outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things beautiful. Creating items with her hands is as necessary as breath to me. Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary is her place to share her passion for life and to encourage everyone to take time to enjoy your extraordinary life.

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