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Dressing Up a Present with Wrapping Paper

Guest post by Brittany of One Charming Party

I don’t like to put presents in cutsie bags with tissue paper–I’m a wrapping paper girl all the way. But to keep it from getting boring I like to mix things up every once in a while. Here’s a fun and quick way to dress up a present that’s great for both boys and girls.

Start with a wrapped present, two ribbons in different widths and colors that coordinate with the wrapping paper, some tape, and scissors.


With the widest ribbon tape in back to start, wrap around the present lengthwise three times, then tape in back again. Don’t worry about making it straight, I like the ribbon a little crooked and funky.

This is what the front and back should look like.

Start weaving the thinner, contrasting ribbon through the larger ribbon.

Notice how it becomes a basket weave. And don’t worry about it being perfect.

Tie the thinner ribbon ends together in a knot on the back. I cut out of the first letter of the birthday child’s name to make it extra special. Now you’re ready to give your gift away.

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