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Easter Bunting with Plastic Eggs

Here’s a simple way to decorate for Easter (since it’s coming right up…THIS Sunday!).

We all have those plastic Easter eggs lying around, well how about stinging them together to make a garland?! Then once all strung together, you can make them look like bunting.

Supplies for Easter Egg Bunting:

  • plastic Easter eggs – I found these pearlized plastic eggs at Big Lots, but I bet you could find them all over.
  • string – thread or fishing line
  • small plastic bead

Once you have them all strung together, don’t forget to knot a small bead at the end to prevent them from slipping off the string.

This is a fun way to decorate and add a little more to an Easter banner.

That’s it! Hopefully it’s warm here this weekend, and we can take these decorations outside! What are your fun plans this Easter weekend?



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