Eat Blog Run was One Wild Ride!

Remember I told you about the team of running bloggers I put together called Eat Blog Run? Well, we conquered our race last weekend at The Relay in Northern California. 12 runners, 1 driver, and 2 volunteers made up our team of 15!! We ran all day, someone running every minute, for 200 miles in 36 hours. It was super crazy, but totally worth it! Here we are all in a row at the finish, sporting our cute sparkly skirts!

It was awesome and amazing, I pushed myself to limits I didn’t know I had. There were lots of cheers, a few tears, 3 hours of sleep, and friendships that will last forever. Loves to my teammates in order above: Heather, Emmie, Kari, Christine, Linsey, KellySamantha, Carrie, Brenna, Sherry, ME, Meg, and Jane (our limitless driver, not pictured)!

For more updates on the madness that ensued, check out the links at Eat Blog Run!

I also want to give a quick shout out to our team’s sponsors who helped make our weekend possible. Many thanks to Country Inn & Suites, GM Acadia, Crocs, Hanes, YUDU, OWater, Team Sparkle, Blistex and Luna! (team photo credit Tonya)

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