After leaf crunching and turkey making, there’s still a few projects we’re making for Fall. These Acorn Magnets are perfect for displaying the Fall craft projects the kids have made at school.

Supplies for Acorn Magnets:

  • acorns
  • magnets – they now sell these strong neodymium magnets at Walmart or other craft stores, or you can get them online. You can use the regular black magnets too.
  • hot glue gun – for the adult to use

Collect your acorns. Hot glue them (an adult) to a magnet. Let dry and cool. Attach to the fridge! (If the tops fall off, or if a top doesn’t come with a bottom, just hot glue it back together.)

We also couldn’t resist drawing faces on these acorns to make our little family. This Fall Acorn Craft will soon be turned into magnets themselves.