Family Game Time Then & Now

I grew up playing all kinds of board games with my family. My all time favorite is still Boggle… and I’m really good at it, not shy to say so! Here’s the trick, don’t underestimate the letter ‘s’. It will give you another point every time you use it to make a word plural. What words can you find below, {wink}?

Play Boggle

Or growing up we also played Pit with lots of shouting “one, gotta one, gotta one!” I also loved to play Acquire with my Dad, he’s an accountant. I love the tag line on the box, “High adventure in the world of finance.” It’s all about acquiring property. And it looks like this game is so ancient that it’s selling for almost $100… hey Dad, where’s that game box at anyway?

Now in my own family we love to play games too, although it’s much different with young ones. My son isn’t quite ready for Boggle, so we play Boggle Jr. We also just got Operation for Christmas and it still makes the kids jump every time they get buzzed! Or Memory is a hit, as well as Hi Ho Cherry O!

I recently was sent a new fun game from I Can Do That Games called Curious George Hide & Seek Zoo. It involves wearing masks and playing hide & seek, and comes with a walkie talkie. What more could a kid want? It’s a hit to say the least. They have other fun games with George or even games with Dr. Seuss characters. I’d love to play theĀ  Green Eggs & Ham game.

What games did you play growing up and what games do you play with your family now?

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