Crochet-A-Day: Finger Crochet Snake

How about a Ssslithering Heart-Shaped Rattle Sssnake for our next Crochet-A-Day series post. Too cute! We’re ditching the hook and trying out some finger crochet for this tutorial!

Finger Crochet a Rattle Snake Tutorial #crochetaday

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I’ve shared how to crochet a chain stitch snake with a hook which is also a fun and super simple project. But we thought we’d switch it up a little by changing our technique, using a finger crochet method. My sweet daughter Lucy has shown us how to finger crochet before. Follow this video tutorial to help make this snake.
Supplies for Finger Crochet Snake:

Finger Crochet Snake Tutorial Supplies

1. Finger crochet your yarn into a long chain piece, about 12 inches long. You can crochet your snake as long as you’d like.

2. Once you have it as long as you want, start on a second row by finger crocheting back through your first chain piece. Finger crochet 2-4 stitches for your second row. This will be your snake’s head. (If you find this a little hard to do the first time or two, you can simply tie the head in a knot to make a bulb for it’s head)

3. Pull your yarn through the last stitch and pull tight. Cut off your yarn about 1-2 inches away from your last stitch. This will act as you snake’s tongue.

Finger Crochet Snake Pattern

4. On the tail end of the snake, thread on 3 or 4 pony beads. Tip: use a little tape on the end of the yarn to help thread it through the bead if it’s fraying. Using the last bead, tie a knot at the end of your tail. Tying the bead into the tail’s knot will help secure it and keep the beads on.

Adding Beads to a Crochet Rattle Snake

You’re done. You can make all sizes of these snakes and give them to your friends as a Valentine’s gift!

Finger Crochet Rattle Snake Tutorial #crochetaday

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