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Finishing Up Our StartNOW Program at Park City

We’ve completed Day 5 at Park City Mountain Resort, our last StartNOW ski day. Thanks to PCMR for being a fabulous sponsor and helping my son become a skier! And with the Winter Olympics going this week, it’s been fun for him to see what he could become if he keeps at it. He’s really done a great job, I’m so proud of my little snow dude.

Here’s a quick video of Day 5 with my son sharing a little bit about how he did after his lessons on the slope. (Did you catch the movie reference he made at the beginning? High five if you can name it!!)

There’s only 6 weeks left in the ski season, but just enough time to get into the program and finish before it’s over. I suggest going in a series of once or twice a week with your bounce back passes. We took a few weeks off after the 3rd lesson, and even though my son still remembered what he was supposed to do, his legs took a little more time to get going on the first couple of runs with us, before his lesson.

We can now officially call him a SKIER. He’s hooked and we love it!


  1. Amy – Ha!!! It’s The Sandlot. It’s the boy with the thick glasses that tells a story and says “For Ever, For Ever, For Ever”!

  2. Please please please tell me the movie reference. I say that all the time and can’t for the life of me remember the movie.

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