Fun Ways to Practice Writing the Alphabet

My little girl is now interested in writing and drawing lines, so I figured she’s ready to start forming those lines into letters. We now take time everyday to practice writing letters of the alphabet from A-Z!

Writing Alphabet Letters

As she’s just starting out, we go slow and easy. We play this little game that she loves. I write 5 letters at a time on a piece of paper. Sometimes it’s just the uppercase letters, sometimes lowercase, and sometimes both. I make sure she watches me write each letter, helping her see how I formed them. Then I put a large rectangular box under the written letters and tell her to try writing each letter in the box below. This lesson also helps with learning to follow directions too.

The first time we did this, I helped talk her through writing each letter. I say “For the B, try drawing a line and then two round bubbles next to it”. Sometimes just saying “Draw down and around and around” isn’t enough for someone writing letters for the first time. It’s not a letter B until you are told it’s a B. As a parent, you have to see things like a child would for the first time.

Writing Letters of the Alphabet

She tries her best and I give her praise for her efforts. I say things like: “That’s pretty close” or “I can tell you are writing an A” or “Great job writing that letter M”. I make sure to let her know “it’s okay that it doesn’t look just like mine, you’re still learning and it just takes practice.”

This activity is great simply using a scratch piece of paper, something laying around. Or I’ve just bought a dry erase board for my son to practice his handwriting on and I let my daughter try it on this too.

Preschool Writing Letters

After she gets through the whole alphabet, then she loves to take a turn having me copy what she’s written down. She writes down a few different letters or shapes or squiggles, and then I copy what she’s written in the box she’s provided. I love this!!

Copying Letters to Write

We try to do “writing time” everyday. I’ll be sitting at my laptop on the table and she’ll be practicing her letters next to me. Or even church is a great time to work on this, it keeps her occupied for at least 10 minutes! She’s starting to recognize a few letters on her own now and it’s fun to watch her eyes light up as she does!

What activities are you doing to help your child learn to write?

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