Getting Ready for Spring Planting

Who here is ready for spring? I definitely am! My grass is starting to turn green, leaf buds are beginning on my trees, and I’m hoping the snow will keep to the mountains for now. So it’s time to start thinking about spring planting for my flower and vegetable garden.

Spring Flower Garden: Last fall I planted bulbs, my first year ever. I’m so excited to see my daffodils and tulips are starting to show themselves. I hope I planted them right, matching colors and spacing. I’ll keep you updated. And even though it’s not quite time to plant annual flowers, I am getting my flower beds ready for planting them later in May. (Around here in Utah, you don’t want to plant anything outside until after Mother’s Day. We tend to get hit with a late spring frost.) It’s time to weed, trim, and rake. I’ve already got those nasty little weeds popping up in this warm weather and it’s best to catch them new, keeping up on them. I also have left over leaves from last fall that need to be raked up, as well as some plants that didn’t get the trim job they needed before winter. Now is a great time to get your flower beds ready to plant.

Vegetable Garden: I love to plant a vegetable garden. Last year I planted a square foot garden and I’m planning to do it again. It was the perfect way to get the most out of my small garden space. But something I haven’t ever done before is start my garden early in the spring, growing my own seedlings. I’ve planted a few things from seeds, but they went right into my garden beds in June. This year I think I want to plant some vegetables from seeds now, keeping them indoors to sprout. In the long run, this will help me save money as a whole pack of seeds is around $1 and each individual plant from a nursery is around $3-4.

Here’s a few links to some great tips on planting in the spring:

Anything fun growing where you live? Are you planning a garden this spring?

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