Going Potty for Pennies

We’ve tried lots of things to help my 3 year old daughter stay motivated to go potty on the toilet. She’s been trained for a while now, but was having accidents at least once a day, getting distracted by playing or just plain stubbornness! Well, I came up with this “Going Potty for Pennies” jar and she’s been dry for 2 weeks in a row, Whahoo! We’re using Pull-ups at night, but most times those are dry too.

Supplies for Potty Penny Jar:

  • empty glass jar – not too big as it will never get filled all the way, and I like using a glass jar as it makes a nice “clank” sound for her to hear when she’s successful
  • pennies
  • printed paper saying “going potty for pennies” or markers/crayons to write it
  • glue – glue stick, white glue or Mod Podge & brush
  • stickers or other decorations (optional)

Cut a piece of paper to fit the outside of the jar as a label (you could use a white sticker label here as well). With the marker, write or print the words “Going Potty for Pennies” on it. Using your glue, fasten the label to the glass jar. Decorate your jar with any embellishments like stickers, foam stickers work great.

Now fill your jar with pennies when your child has success. Then after washing hands, do the Potty Dance – shake around in a circle singing “Potty Dance, Potty Dance”.

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