Graham Cracker Cookies

This is a great treat that my mom would make us kids whenever she would frost a cake. There was always leftover frosting that got slapped on yummy graham crackers, making instant cookies.


So whenever I have left over frosting, like from last weeks fun Valentine cookies, I make Graham Cracker Cookies. My kids love them, but I am eating them too fast for them to have seconds. To be honest, I always make a little more frosting than I need, just to have some extra leftover.



A must have tool when using frosting is this offset spatula. I have only had this one for a little while and I don’t know how I frosted cookies, cakes, and cupcakes without one. It really makes it that much easier and the cake that much prettier. I highly recommend going out and getting one of these before you bake your next set of sugar cookies.


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© 2007-2018 Make and TakesUp ↑