Graphing Our Easter M&M Candy

We’ve graphed red and green Christmas M&Ms before, but today we’re tallying up all the different colors and flavors of Easter m&ms! With my son learning about tallying in 1st grade, I put him in charge of tallying our results on our graph.

Supplies for M&M Graphing:

Pour all of your M&Ms in a bowl. I only used half a bag of each kind. We have Almond, Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Plain. And get your graph paper ready, download and print here: Easter Candy Taste Testing

Have the kids wash their hands first or they can each have their own individual bowls. They close their eyes, reach their fingers in, and pull out one M&M. Before they pop it in their mouth, check to see what color it is, and if it has a bunny, chick, sheep, or letter M on it. Then munch away! Have your child tell you what flavor it is or take a look into their mouth or you can have them only bite into half of the M&M to see what’s inside.

Mark a tally for your graph for each M&M that gets chosen, with the appropriate color and printed on symbol. Keep going for each M&M you eat.

Once you’re done, you can ask questions as you look at your graph and find some results.

  • Which flavor was chosen the most, least?
  • Which color was chosen the most, least?
  • How many M&Ms had bunnies on them?
  • Which one is your favorite?

This would be a perfect activity to do while the eggs are getting hard-boiled for Easter. Have fun graphing your Easter Holiday candy!

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