Happy Campers

We’re back and still dreaming of hot chocolate and smores (or shmores as I call them). We do not miss the rocks in the back (we need cots) or the falling branches from trees 50 feet high (5 campsites up got a few large branches in their RV – SCARY).

Our trip started off at Grandma Meema’s house in Aptos, California (a town just south of Santa Cruz). We had planned on spending all our time at the beach, but the freezing wind didn’t want us there. So we stopped at our favorite pizza place, Pleasure Pizza, and drove down the road to watch the surfers at Pleasure Point.

 aptos-meema-1.jpg aptos-pizza-1.jpg


Next we were off down Highway 1 for fabulous camping at Big Sur State Park. There are beautiful Redwood trees and it’s very close to the beach. We ate, sat by the fire, hiked, sat by the fire, ate, sat by the fire, and played some games. It was a little chilly there too, so we mostly sat by the fire.


Sitting by the campfire  Best Buds Matt & Gabe    Sweet Sisters   


Camping Cousins

Of course the best part of the trip is always food. Our expert chef Brian Neff (aka Neffgang) and his lovely assistant Steph were on hand. Here is the list of the yummy meals we ate that you should give a try next time you go camping.

 camping-bri-1.jpg camping-steph-1.jpg

Breakfasts: Pancakes with bacon and taters, homemade oatmeal with crasins, and Jackson Eggs – eggs with sausage links cooked in a dutch oven. They also cooked cinnamon rolls in the dutch oven, but I accidentally bought sugar free ones, sorry, don’t trust me with the shopping list. Also, we missed out on the Jackson eggs breakfast because we had left our baby with Grandma and were dying to get back to hug and kiss her.

Lunch: bagels with cream cheese, bagels with ham and cheese wrapped in tinfoil and melted from the fire, artichoke dip warmed up over the fire with a cast iron pot, cream cheese and shrimp wontons cooked in oil in the cast iron pot over the fire- one of Chef Brian’s concoctions that he just thought up last minute.

Dinner: Chili and hot dogs – a must for every campout, Teriyaki chicken – frozen chicken with a bottle of Yoshida sauce in a dutch oven and then mixed with white rice, Korean steaks marinated over night and cooked on a grill over the fire YUM.

My nephew also cooked us hard boiled eggs by cutting the top off a pop can and filling it with water and the egg and setting it right into the fire. In 15-20 minutes, we had boiled eggs!

Now that we are home and still smelling of campfire, we are re-introduced to the conveniences of home and never want to leave them again, until the end of June when we do this again!

 camping-now-home-1.jpg camping-now-home-2.jpg camping-now-home-3.jpg

Happy camping to you all and save some smores for us!

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