Heart Healthy Exercise Game

At Valentines there is a lot of “heart” talk, so I thought it would be fun to come up with an exercise game to keep our hearts healthy. Throw the bean bag onto the board to see what exercise to do, then pick out a red card with the number of sit-ups to do. Then have fun performing that exercise. My kids love this game, not really knowing that it is “exercise”.

Heart Healthy Bean Bag Game for a Classroom Party @makeandtakes.com

You will need some sort of stuffed heart to toss at the poster board. I made a heart bean bag which I like because it’s heavy and stays put when thrown.

Supplies for Heart Bean Bag:

  • red felt pieces
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun – or tacky glue works well if dried overnight
  • dry beans

1. I used a half sheet of red felt and cut 2 hearts out, about 4×4 inches.

2. Hot glue along 3/4 of the heart and stop.

3. Fill the heart with beans as full as you can get it, without it spilling out.

4. Hot glue the rest of the heart together.

Making No-Sew Bean Bags for a Tossing Game @makeandtakes.com

You could also sew this heart together as well, but I love a “no-sew” option!

Supplies for Heart Healthy Poster Board:

  • white poster board
  • red or black marker
  • printed out sheets of “healthy” exercises – optional
  • red paper and scissors

1. I divided it up into 9 squares, just with a red marker.

2. Label each square with some sort of exercise by printing out pictures off the computer of that certain exercise. You could draw the exercise, but I am no artist. I like to have both the word and the picture on the board to help my kids learn the words too.

3. Make a set of small numbered heart cards with number values on them. Children can choose a card and it will tell them how many of that certain exercise to do.

Playing a Heart Healthy Game for Exercise with Kids

Now the kids are ready to get their hearts healthy!

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