Helping My Kids Eat Their Veggies

Our family has been on the healthy eating train for almost 2 months, hooray! I’ve been trying really hard to make dinner with vegetables or a salad, helping get in our greens. After talking to a friend of mine about how she helps her kids eat healthier food, she shared a super cool tip with me: keep a ready-made vegetable tray in the fridge. It’s so easy and it’s been a great way to help my kids eat their veggies.

We’ve been using this method for a couple of weeks and it’s been such a hit. Thanks to my friend Pam, (I’m giving her all the credit), I’ve never had my kids eat so many veggies. I’ve had to fill the tray almost every other day, wahoo!

Here are a couple of tips for using this veggie tray method:

  • Find a sectioned chip/veggie tray. 4-5 sections is best if you have a variety of vegetables. I bought this one at the dollar store.
  • To save on money, buy your vegetables whole and prep them yourself. It takes a little more time, but this can help with your wallet, especially if your kids start going through a whole tray in just 1-2 days.
  • Add anything you want in your tray. My kids love all of the above, but you can tailor it to your children. Maybe they like pickles, peppers, and radishes, or even fruit like strawberries would work well.
  • If you plan to store your tray in the fridge, which is best, place a piece of plastic wrap over the top to keep it fresh between uses.
  • Bring it out for an after-school snack as the kids work on their homework. Or it works great as a side dish for dinner as well.
  • You can also add a dip in the middle section of the tray. Salad dressing or peanut butter, maybe even a few raisins to make some ants on a log!
  • I love it for cooking dinner, as the vegetables are already prepped and I can toss them in a salad or stir-fry.
  • And I find that I’m snacking on these veggies all day too, it’s just so handy.

This veggie tray method is a great way to make vegetables look inviting. I think that’s half the appeal for my kids, making it so simple to grab.

How are you getting your kids to eat their veggies? What tips and tricks do you have? 

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