Personalized 3D Holiday Cards

All of the sudden, bam, flash…the holidays are here! Are any of you on a race to get everything done? Shopping, menu planning, and holiday cards. I’ve partnered up with Shutterfly today for a fabulous giveaway, helping one lucky winner check “holiday cards” off their list. But first, see what I’ve created for our 2011 holiday cards.

Family Tree Holiday Cards how-to:

Cut out little faces from a photo (would be fun if these were silly faces too), glue them onto paper circles, and glue the circles onto a green paper tree. I spelled out “Happy Holidays” in stickers as well. And of course I glued on a fun yellow pom-pom for the top of the tree. I’m loving the 3D effect for this year, giving our cards that little extra bit of flare!

Now if you didn’t want to make 100 of these fancy cards, as each one does take some time, here’s what you do: ¬†scan this family tree card and make it into an image. Then you get the folks at Shutterfly to create it into a printed holiday card. Easy as that. You get to be creative, then let someone else take care of the rest! Plus, their cards come with envelopes, making it one less step you have to do. BUT I would still glue that fun pom-pom to the top of the tree when you get your cards shipped to you, gotta have that extra bit of flare.

This fun Family Tree image from above would look great paired with this template called Colorful Greetings, you wouldn’t need to add the stickers at the bottom, as it’s already printed for you:

Or this one Glitter Glamour Joy:

Another fun idea for a pre-printed holiday card, to help give it that personal touch and that 3D look, line the edges of your photo card with glue and sprinkle on the glitter. Let your cards dry overnight and seal them in an envelope. Your family and friends will get a fun glittery surprise as they open up your holiday card, shazaaam!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Send holiday joy with a custom card from Shutterfly.

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