Holly Jolly Christmas Cards

My girls and I love adding homemade touches to gifts, especially at Christmas time. We made some sweet and simple holly cards, which are perfect for mailing to grandparents, hand-delivering to teachers, or using as gift tags. Need a lot of cards? These are easy to make assembly-line style, too!

Kid-Made Christmas Holly Cards

Supplies for Jolly Holly Christmas Cards:

  • blank cards (or white card stock folded into cards)
  • red watercolor paint & paintbrush
  • green construction paper
  • red paint
  • Q-tips

With red watercolor paint, make a simple border around each card. Set aside to dry while you work on the holly leaves.

Handmade christmas card craft

Fold small rectangles of green construction paper in half and draw a simple half holly leaf shape. Remember to draw your leaf on the fold. Cut out two leaves for each card.

Cutting paper holly leaves

Arrange your leaves on each card, only gluing down one side of each leaf, for a fun 3-D look. Remember to leave a little space for the berries.

Paper holly leaves card

Add a few red berries to each card with a Q-tip and tempera paint.

Painting holly berries on a Christmas card

Write a little message inside and deliver or mail to some special people. Happy crafting!

Holly Card Christmas Craft for kids


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