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How Are You Keeping to a Schedule During the Summer?

We tend to get off our regular routine once the summer starts. Our mornings are slower and our nights are longer. But it’s still important for kids to keep some sort of structure each day. We’re still brushing our teeth, trying to get dressed before noon (me included), and I like to have my kids help me around the house as much as possible. I tend to start picking up the house after a long day, filling my arms with all sorts of toys and games, but I really try hard to encourage my kids to help clean up whatever they’ve been playing.

Here are a few ways to help me and the kids keep up a schedule during this summer:

  • Job Jars: I linked to this fabulous idea a few years ago and it is still something we do almost everyday. These popsicle sticks are easy for my kids to remember and get done. We only have 6 jobs in each jar, just enough for little ones to accomplish in a pretty short amount of time. It’s things like, make your bed, brush your teeth, get dressed, give mom a hug, pick up your room, and then mom’s job choice. I love that last one as I can make it anything I want. Sometimes it’s as simple as folding a blanket or hanging up their clothes.

  • Kids + Chores = a Must: I love this article by one of M&T’s own, Mariel of Or So She Says. She shares how it works for her and how to get her kids involved. There are even “kid dollars”! These are awesome, my son would love his face on a dollar bill. Print them out to help keep track of their earnings.

  • Printable Chore Charts: If you’re looking for charts to print out to help you keep organized, there are all kinds of products available at Etsy. There are quick and easy charts to fill out, as well as kits to make your own boards and magnets.
  • My Job Chart: One of Make and Takes newest sponsors is My Job Chart. It’s a great program to help your kids keep to a schedule, get their household jobs done, and earn and save an allowance. And this program does it all for you. All of the above suggestions could be used with My Job Chart to help you and your child keep track of their jobs and earnings. It can help your child keep organized and on task, along with rewards to encourage and motivate. The best part is the program is free, FREE! Simply sign up and you’re on your way to more structure for the summer. Check out their blog for more great tips on parenting.

How ever you try to stick to some sort of schedule for the summer, it’s good to have children involved in the process. It helps them stay accountable and develop a sense of responsibility. These suggestions all include some way for the child to help, letting them see the progress they are making and what they’ve accomplished.

What do you do to keep to a schedule during the summer? Share your tips and tricks.


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