How to Train to Run in the Mud

I’ve signed up to run a mud run in my hometown of Salt Lake City in just a couple of weeks. It’s called The Dirty Dash, a fitting name for what I’m about to get myself into. It’s 6 miles of wet sloppy mud. Here’s what the course looks like, complete with a pig pen, pig sty, and a slop n’ slide!

As I can’t wait to race and get muddy doing it, I’ve been a little confused on how to train to run in the mud. I’m used to pavement or sidewalks, but MUD is a whole new beast. So I asked John, one of the founders, a few questions that will shed a little light on training for this dirty race!

Interview with John, co-founder of The Dirty Dash:

1. MT: Really, running in the mud? Why?
John: Really, you’re asking this question? Short answer…because we can and it’ll be fun!  Honestly though…combine a sense of accomplishment like a difficult 10K run with  a big mud pit and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

2. MT: As it’s a 10k, 6 miles, is all of this race in wet sloppy mud or will there be any paved roads?
John:You will step on paved roads for about 10 feet total.  Most of the course will be wet and muddy trail.  There are two sections with deep mud and then there are a couple surprises ;).

3. MT: How does one train to run in the mud? Seems like mud isn’t as forgiving as paved road or sidewalk.
John: Most of the course won’t be knee deep mud…so train like normal.  Just be prepared to be a lot dirtier.

4. MT: How muddy will I get on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being unrecognizable?
John: This one is up to you…but you will have plenty of opportunity to be an 11.

Thanks, John. I can’t wait!!

I’m running this race in a team of 5 with 3 of my good friends and my sister. We’re called The Dirty Divas. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be wearing. These crowns I’m sure will get tossed in the mud as we run, but are here solely for the “before” photos. I’ll make sure to post an update with pictures and how covered in mud we get!

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