It’s Cough and Cold Season

If your household is anything like ours during the winter, then you’re in need of some Zarbees cough syrup too. Zarbees, a Make and Takes sponsor, has happily been soothing my kids coughs one spoonful at a time!

Zarbees is an all natural cough syrup that comes in a lemon or cherry flavor and contains your daily dose of Vitamin C. It’s made with a blend of dark honey, helping make it easier to swallow for any unwilling mouths!

My son doesn’t lick it off the spoon like my daughter does, it’s still just cough syrup to him. But it doesn’t burn as it goes down and helps sooth those dry scratchy throats. Zarbees has been a great “go to” this winter season.

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑