Lil’ Pumpkin Hooded Bath Towel

I couldn’t resist making this cute lil’ hooded bath towel when my eye caught an orange towel at the store the other day. Your lil’ one will be cute as a pumpkin when they hop out of the bath in this precious towel!

Here are the Instruction for a Hooded Bath Towel. It couldn’t be an easier sewing project. You only need to sew 2 straight lines. You can also add in these cute appliqued letters if you’ve got a little more experience.

I traced the words “Lil Pumpkin” with a black marker out of yellow fleece. I like to use fleece because it doesn’t fray and gives a fun look. Then pin on the letters where you want them to go. I am NOT very good at applique, I’m impatient, so my letters tend to come out kind of wonky. But I think it turns out cute and whimsy looking.

Now it’s ready to be wrapped around a cute lil’ pumpkin!

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑