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Make Red Colored Rice for Valentine’s Day Decor

We’re decorating our house for Valentine’s Day and using all the red items we have from around our home. To add a little extra flare and fun, we’re also crafting a fun DIY project for making red colored rice. Add a little food coloring or food dye to dry rice and it makes for a fun addition to vases, sensory tubs, or confetti in a Valentine’s day card!

How to Make RED Colored Rice

You can get your kids involved in the process of red colored rice to let them see this cool science experiment, as white rice turns to red. Let the rice dry and it’s ready to use.

Have fun putting it into a clear vase with coffee filter flowers or tissue paper flowers. We also used our colored red rice for a fun Valentine’s Day printable activity where we counted down each day of Love. By counting down the days, we were able to pull a heart from a rice filled vase to do an act of love! It’s ready to display and enjoy for the 14 days leading up to Valentines. Choose one for each day starting on February 1st, counting down to Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

Valentine's Day Countdown Printable

Find the full tutorial for coloring rice red over at Family Crafts About.com! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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