Guest post by Somer of A Little Great

Music and t-shirts are two things we have in abundance at our house. I often hear one of my kids complaining to the other, “You can’t sing that, its my song.” So, I decided to collaborate with them to make t-shirts with lyrics from songs they like. We came up with an image and lyric, and then used a combination of freezer paper stencilingapplique, and embroidery to create one-of-a-kind t-shirts.

The stencils can be used for all different songs. The sun and clouds were done with freezer paper stencils. Download and print the sun and clouds template here: sun and clouds template

For the embroidered words, I used a disappearing marker to free-hand the words. Then using an embroidery hoop and two strands of floss, I embroidered the words.

The “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” is done in a variety of stitches. The “decided to create a dream come true” is kind of like an interlaced running stitch, with the foundation stitch using embroidery floss and the interlaced stitch (a single weave, not going back a second time) out of 1/4 inch ribbon.

The “Fight” t-shirt has appliqued boxing gloves with detailing done in a back stitch with two strands of black floss. The black words were cut from freezer paper with a Cricut machine then stitched on. Download and print the boxing gloves template here: boxing gloves template

We had so much fun dreaming up combinations of our favorite songs and images. Many more t-shirts will be in our future.

Somer of A Little Great is a creative diva, pattern designer, seamstress, walking idea machine, devoted special-needs mom, artist extraordinaire, and mother to four amazing kids.