Making Yarn from an Old T-Shirt

You know my love of crochet, I’ve been sharing a lot of my latest projects over at Instagram. But I’ve recently been wanting to crochet with fabric or old t-shirts. So when I went online to find some video tutorials, I came up with a few fabulous ones and have now made my own yarn from an old t-shirt!

Making T-shirt Yarn

It couldn’t be simpler, really. This gray yarn ball above was from one of my son’s old shirts, only using the bottom of the shirt up to the armpit. Approx. 5 yards once stretched.

Making Yarn from an Old T-Shirt

The video tutorial I found is over at Jewelry Tutorial HQ. I followed right along.

Now I’ve got my nifty new ball of yarn. It’s soft, jersey material, but has more of an industrial type use.

Here are a few projects I have in mind:

Crochet T-shirt Yarn Projects

1. Jersey Knit Bracelets  2. T-shirt Yarn Bowl  3. Crochet Mesh Bags
4. Chunky Crochet Basket  5. Crochet T-Shirt Yarn Rug!

Have you made t-shirt yarn before? What are you crocheting with it? Share your links and projects!

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