Mini Lightsabers Spring into Action

These mini Lightsabers sprang into action when my son turned 6 and we threw him a Star Wars Birthday Party. I was coming up with fun Star Wars related crafts and this one popped into my head. They make for great party favors and fit perfectly into little hands.

Pipe Cleaner Lightsaber Crafts for Star Wars Toys

Supplies for Mini Lightsabers:

  • Pipe Cleaner (also known as Chenille Stems, Fuzzy Sticks, Pipe Wire). You’ll need black and your favorite lightsaber color.

Steps to make a pipe cleaner lightsaber

1. Cut only the black pipe cleaner in half then fold it in half.
2. Fold the long red pipe cleaner in half.
3. Make an X with the black and red pipe cleaners and fold them over.
4. Twist up the black one and twist up the red one.

Pipe Cleaner Lightsaber Craft

You’re done! Now your mini lightsabers are ready for a duel. They even fit perfectly in the hands of your action figures!

Star Wars Lightsaber Pipe Cleaner Craft

Will your lightsaber be Blue, Green, Purple, or dun dun dun… Red?

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