Move to the Music with Rhythm Ribbons

Amber from Because Babies Grow Up is here as my guest today sharing a fun activity to do with the kids.

Rhythm ribbons are chance to connect body movement with the music. This is great because it doesn’t take any kind of musical genius or even rhythm to have success with rhythm ribbons. This project was so incredibly easy to make. In fact, I was able to make them while my toddler crawled all over me trying to get a better look and help any way she could.

Check out this room full of little ones enjoying their Rhythm Ribbons:


  • craft sticks, ribbon, tacky glue



Cut ribbon into 3 1/2 foot (42 inches) lengths; Apply glue to one craft stick; Smear glue from first stick onto another craft stick; Place one end of the ribbon on the stick about 1 – 1 1/2 inches. Place the other craft stick (glue side down) on top of the craft stick with the ribbon; Press sticks firmly together; Place on wax paper, cover with wax paper and place a heavy book on top while glue dries.


Once the glue dries, your rhythm ribbons are ready to use! My daughter danced around the table asking, “Are they dry yet?” for about 10 minutes. (I was very impressed with her attention span in continuing to wait for the ribbons!) When I finally checked, they were dry! We turned on some music and started spinning, zigzagging and waving our ribbons around the room. Our current favorite is At the Bottom of the Sea by Ralph’s World on the album For the Kids, Too! I suggest choosing songs that have varying tempos and are short.

What music tunes get your kid’s toes-a-tappin’?

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