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Neon Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

I’m always trying to come up with new ways to decorate Easter eggs. Recently while at the craft store, I happened upon puffy paint in the best neon colors. I haven’t used puffy paint in over 20 twenty years but remembered always having a lot of fun with it.

To create some brightly hued eggs all you need is:

  • puffy paint
  • hard-boiled eggs

Simply boil your eggs and allow to cool. Then, practice out a few designs on scrap paper. Once you have a design you like, get to work decorating.

This is a really simple project that you and your children will love doing together. Plus, the colors are a nice departure from the typical pastels we usually see this time of year and will look great as decoration on your Easter dinner table. Happy decorating!


  1. This is a really cute idea! I’m enjoying so many craft ideas on this site! I did just want to point out to make sure you’re using paint that is non-toxic if you plan to eat the eggs. Even though you don’t eat the shells, the shells are permeable and will soak up some of the paint.

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