This is a really fun project I learned from one of my college Elementary Education classes. It also makes for a great snack too. Painted Toast!



  • Bread – this works best if you have white bread, the colors show up brighter.
  • Bowls and Brushes – you need a bowl and brush for each color. I just used my basting brushes I have, but it would be more fun with smaller painting brushes, cleaned or unused.
  • Food Coloring – we used all 4 colors and you could mix them too.
  • Milk – whatever kind you have. You don’t need a lot of milk, I had too much in each bowl.
  • Toaster Oven or Broiler – I have a great toaster oven, but you could easily toast these in the oven.

Fill your bowls with milk and add 2-3 drops of food coloring. Then let the kids paint their toast. (I did explain to my kids that this is milk and safe to drink, that it is not real paint. I can just see my sweet little girl trying to eat real paint the next time I get it out!)


Try not to let the kids paint too much in one spot, it can get soggy. Matt was trying to mix red and blue to make purple. Then once their designs are done, set them in the toaster. The painted spot won’t be as crispy as the edges, but still yummy.


Then let the kiddies eat their Painted Toast. You could add butter, but we didn’t need too. The colors were fun enough to eat alone.