Are you looking for LOVE? Well, these *love* goggles are here to help. And so are pipe cleaners. They are just begging to be bent into a heart shape. So today we’re looking for *love* with these festive heart pipe cleaner glasses. You gotta *LOVE* it!

Supplies for Pipe Cleaner Heart-Shaped *Love* Goggles:

  •  3 pipe cleaners per pair of glasses
  • scissors
  • Yup, that’s it…I love easy crafts!)

1. Bend 1 pipe cleaner in half into a V shape.

2. Bend the 2 ends together and twist to form the heart indent.

Repeat for a second heart.

3. Cut a small 1/2 inch piece of pipe cleaner. Use this to attach the two hearts together at the eye glasses “rim”.

4. Cut 1 more pipe cleaner in half. Attach each half onto the outside of each heart, to create the part that goes over the ears.

We also made a mini version of our glasses. We used half cut pipe cleaners for each heart instead of a full pipe cleaner. They turned out fun too.

Now you’re ready to look heart-tastic!

Or if you’re my son, you’re grumpy about wearing heart glasses! He’s NOT looking for *love*, or so he says. My 3 year old isn’t quite sure about it either. But leave it to my giggly 6 year old to love the *love* goggles the most!! She’s always lookin’ for love. I’m in trouble with that one :)