Princess Birthday Party Ideas

If your little one is ready to be crowned a princess for her birthday, we’ve got some fun princess party ideas that will make her feel like the bell of the ball!


Hear ye, Hear ye!

All fair maidens who are ready for the princess ball
Are invited to join in the party of pink beauties small.

Date: On the ___ day of ____, 20__
Place: Princess (name of child)’s Castle

Come dressed in your best gown and we’ll fit your for a crown!

Crowned Princess: Each princess will be fitted for a crown as they arrive to the party. (This is a fun activity to start with to get the children doing something as everyone arrives). For the crown, I folded a piece of paper in half and cut out a ball shape at the top and zig-zags on the side. Then cut a 2 inch strip and staple it to the first cut piece to complete your crown. You could get crowns from Burger King to decorate or even foam crowns from the craft store. Then let the princesses add stickers or glitter glue to their crowns.


  • Princess Punch – pink lemonade in fancy champagne glasses (they have plastic ones at the dollar store in the wedding section)
  • Pink Princess Pudding – strawberry pudding with strawberry wafer cookies


  • Pink cupcakes with a small princess wand stuck in the middle for decoration.
  • Bake a dome shaped cake. Add a barbie princess to the center of the dome, so only the top half of her body is showing. Ice the cake and it will appear that the cake is her princess gown. Here’s an example of what it could look like!
  • Bake and decorate a 2-3 tier cake and add a large silver diamond (plastic) crown to the top. The birthday girl would then get to wear the crown after you blow out the candles.


  • Princess Hot Potato – We have a princess microphone that plays “Bibbidi-BobbidiBoo“. We set the children around in a circle, sitting on the floor and one holding the microphone. Once the music on the microphone starts, have the girls pass the microphone around to each other until the music stops. Who ever has the microphone when the music stops gets a prize and then sits outside of the circle until you have a winner. – If you don’t have this type of musical microphone, you can play your own music and have the children pass around a crown or princess pillow instead.
  • Pin the *kissed* Frog on the Princess – I found this Princess and the Frog poster for $5 in the poster section at the grocery store. We made green paper frogs, complete with googley eyes (I used glue dots to stick them on). We then added a kiss: I put red lipstick on the girls and they kissed the paper frogs. If you don’t want to use lipstick on the girls, you can make them ahead of time or find some kiss stickers. Now try to place your kissed frog near the princess!

  • Pin the Kiss on the Frog – You can play this version of the game by making a large green paper frog. Place lipstick on the girls, blind folding them, and have them “kiss”, with their red lips, the FROG!
  • Mermaid Sack Race – You need to make 2 mermaid sacks: sew or hot glue shimmery fabric together in a long rectangle, leaving one end open. You can shape your fabric into a mermaid tail or draw on the fabric with a black marker where the fins would be. For the game: line the girls up in two lines. The first girl in each line wears the mermaid sack. On your mark, they hop down to the end of the course and back, handing off the sack to the next girl in line. Continue playing until everyone has had a turn to race in the mermaid sack.

Princess Party Bags: Let each princess go home with a princess party bag. It can be filled with stickers, fruit snacks, ring pop suckers, a small green plastic frog toy, and a plastic necklace and ring.

What fun ideas have you done for a Princess Birthday Party?

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