Quick Tip for Labeling Drinking Cups

When we’re having a party and a lot of cups are floating around, it can be hard to remember who’s is who’s. If they aren’t labeled, kids tend to get a new one for each sip. Here’s an easy trick to keep all your plastic cups labeled, helpful enough for even young ones to find which one is there cup.

Supplies for Labeling Cups:

  • cups – plastic cups work best
  • permanent marker – preferably black
  • stickers (optional)

Write their name on each cup. Now to help the younger children who aren’t quite reading their names yet, I like to add a fun little drawing or sticker to help them recognize their cup. If you have amazing drawing skills like me, then simply draw on a flower, fish, or cat next to each name.

Or if you don’t feel as comfortable with a pen, you can easily pick a sticker to add next to their name. You can even let them pick what sticker or drawing they’d want.

Hopefully this will help your kids recognize their own cup and they’ll keep using the same one all night!

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑