Recycled Grocery Bag Snowman

My grocery bags have been piling up and in need of recycling. So I adapted this Grocery Bag Snowman from the Grocery Bag Bunny idea we got from Kids Craft Weekly. This little snowman used up a bunch of my bags and we didn’t even get cold or wet. He even comes with a brown scarf!

Supplies for Grocery Bag Snowman:

  • plastic grocery bags – 10-15 or even more for a bigger snoman
  • black & orange marker
  • tape or rubber bands

Open one bag and stuff all the rest of the bags inside, save one for a scarf! Then tie a knot holding them in. Now section them off with your fingers into 3 sizes and secure each section with tape or a rubberband, fold the tied end towards the back. Take your markers and draw a cute little face. We then used our one brown grocery bag as a scarf, tying it around it’s neck. (UPDATE: children should be supervised while crafting with plastic bags for safety reasons.)

You’re done. Enjoy playing with this snowman inside the house today!

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© 2007-2018 Make and TakesUp ↑