Recycled Snow Scoop

My kids could play in the snow all day long… sledding, snow balling, and making tunnels! We’ve just made these fun Snow Scoops to aid them in their play!

Supplies for Gallon Jug Snow Scoops:

  • 1 gallon plastic jug, empty and dried out
  • scissors (adult needs to cut this)
  • permanent markers

Cut the plastic jug (an adult) about 1-2 inches up from the bottom. Then color the jug with permanent markers in any design they want. Use permanent markers or it may rub off with the wet snow.

Now let them play! And if you don’t have snow, these would make great Sand Scoops or Dirt Pile Scoops! OR try this darling bath time activity Water Whale Scoops by Teaching Tiny Tots.

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑