Resolutions for the Mind, Body, and Soul

For me, 2010 is the year of the mind, body, and soul. Even my milk jug lid knows it’s going to be a good year as I found this image the other morning for breakfast! Below I’m making some resolutions in each of those areas, along with a few links to go with them.



  • Exercise. I’m going to run a relay this year (more to come on this later).
  • Eat healthy. I know I always say this, but hopefully it will go along with the above running goal. Check out these quick tips for curbing your appetite.


  • Roller Derby. You heard me right, roller skating. I’m going to train for a my local roller derby team (more on that later as well).
  • Simply Play More. With my kids, my husband, my friends. And with my blog!

A few more links for 2010, some great ways to help with the above areas:

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑