Rotisserie Chicken Without the Fuss

This brown succulent bird, living in a plastic domed palace, is just waiting for me to buy him pre-cooked and ready for eating. With a Costco right across the street from my house, how can I beat buying their rotisserie chicken? It is just too easy. At $5 a chicken, one feeds my family for at least two nights.

The first night we eat it as is. I pull off some legs and slice up some of the breast. It is perfect to eat exactly how it is prepared and doesn’t need any sauce. But you could add some BBQ sauce or even teriyaki sauce. I serve it with rice or a green salad. Then I slice up the rest of the chicken off the bone. I like to do this at the same time as I prepare the first nights dinner to get all the cutting over with at once.

The second night I have a few options to make with the prepared chicken.

Option 1BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. I fill tortillas with the chicken, add BBQ sauce and some cheese. Melt in the oven on a pan for 5-6 minutes per side.

Option 2Chicken Noodle Soup. I love to use this chicken for soup. It is already cooked and all you have to do is add a few extra things for the soup. Here is a great recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup.

Option 3Chicken Pot Pie. When the chicken is already cooked like this, it makes it so much easier to make a dish that takes a little longer to prepare. Here is the post I did previously about Chicken Pot Pie.

Option 4 – You can simply freeze the chicken and use it for later. Place the chicken in a freezer bag and place in freezer. It is there whenever you are ready to make one of the above options.

Hopefully you live close to a Costco. If not, I know most supermarkets carry Rotisserie Chickens too.

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