Shopping with the Kids

Grocery shopping is a tiring task. Even more tiring is dragging your kids along with you. We start the shopping battle with who is sitting where in the cart. Dangerous as it might be, we seem to be hanging off every side. The cart fills up with food and supplies, leaving no room for the kids and off they go running. There is also asking to buy, eat, and have everything in sight. Even though I’d love to do my shopping alone, most times it’s just not an option.

Here are a few things I do to keep the kiddos busy and involved in the shopping process, making it pleasant for everyone.

Make a grocery list: Tell your child what you are going to need from the store. Then they can write the words or draw pictures of a few things, trying to spot them throughout the trip. Cross the item off the list when they have found it.

Find the Food Game: Cut out pictures of food from the ads that come in the mail. Or you can clip the coupons that you won’t be using or that have expired. They can pick out a few at a time to hold on to and search for.

Cranium Bloom: The Let’s go shopping activity pack has a spiral pad with activity cards and pen to keep the little ones busy.

Play I Spy with My Little Eye: “I Spy with my little eye, something that is green.” and your child needs to find something green. Then we switch and they spy the color or shape and I find it. This game is great for the checkout line when aren’t moving.

Aqua Doodle: Game and Color Mini Mat. Loving this invention that only uses WATER, no mess. I highly suggest buying one to put in your purse. We use ours on long driving trips too.'s%20Wish%20List/Lacy%20Christmas%20List/AquadoodleMiniMats.jpg

Little snack bags are also great to pass the time for the kids. We sometimes buy the $1 popcorn bag from the Target eatery. Hopefully some of these tips will help and your shopping trips won’t end with tears from the kids or from YOU.

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