Thankful Magazine Collage

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner seems to take… forever. So we try to keep the kiddies busy with little projects of their own. These magazine collages are a great craft for the kids to create as they wait for the turkey to cook. And once their done, they can share what they are thankful for with the guests while everyone is sitting at dinner.

Thankful Finished

Supplies for Thankful Magazine Collage:

  • old magazines – the kind that can be used with scissors
  • craft paper
  • scissors – child size scissors if they are ready or they could just tear the pictures out
  • glue sticks
  • crayon or marker

Thanksful Collage Supplies

1. Let the children know that they are to look for things that they are happy they have, something they are thankful for. Then have them look through the magazine, searching for pictures that will be cut out.

2. Once they find a picture they like, cut it out and place it in a pile.

3. If they think they’ve found everything they want to add to the paper, then it’s time to glue. Have them glue each piece onto the paper.

Thankful Collage Gluing

4. Once everything is glued in place, it’s time to write what the item is underneath the picture. Let them do the writing if they are ready, or just have them dictate what the item is and write it for them. We used a silver marker, as it made the paper look a little more fancy.

5. Now the Thankful Collage is ready to share. Once dinner is winding down, have the child share what’s on their paper, all the things they are “thankful” for.

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑