Gimme a T, Gimme an H

This Thanksgiving banner is fun to make and beautiful to look at. I found this idea on Martha years ago and it was a great project to do with the kids, letting them help get ready for dinner too.


Cut colored paper into half sheets. In pencil, write one letter onto each colored paper, spelling a Thanksgiving word, like: Thankful, Give Thanks, Thanksgiving. Collect “natural” items for forming letters. These natural items can include: dried cranberries, marshmallows, sticks, hay, leaves, raisins, popcorn, leaves. With craft glue, glue collected items onto the penciled letters. Let the glue dry completely.



Now hang each paper onto a wall that will be seen by the guests. This is one my family did 3 years ago.


Matt wanted to do the letter M, but he ate a lot of marshmallows in the process.


Enjoy the natural beauty of the banner that will help set the mood of the dinner to come.

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