The Room Mom’s Survival Guide

If you haven’t yet heard of the Volunteer Spot and you have school age children, then get yourself over to check them out. They are a fabulous website sharing all kinds of help for parents with kids in school. I’ve teamed up with Volunteer Spot to help write their latest free downloadable e-book, The Room Mom’s Survival Guide.

We’ve all been there, right? We get a call from our child’s teacher or you signed up on a list for teacher helpers on the first day of school, and you’re then asked to help with a school party. What do you do?! This ebook gets you through each step of the way, from planning, calling other parent helpers, plus 4 themes of activities from me. There are activities for Fall, Winter, Spring, and End of the Year.

Having been a Kindergarten teacher, I wish I could have given this ebook to each of my parent helpers and party room mom’s, aiding them with ways to help make the classroom parties a success without the stress!

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