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Time to Organize Your Accessories!

It’s that time of year… time for Spring Cleaning! As soon as the warmer weather hits, I have the sudden urge to unclutter my entire house. Does anyone else feel that way? I always start with the closets first and move my way around through each room. Today I’m going to show you some quick and inexpenisve ways to organize your accessories.

organize accessories

The other night I felt tired of not being able to find my jewelry and hair flowers. It’s usually late at night when I pull off my accessories, so they start piling up. I knew I needed to do something to arrange this chaos, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Let me show you how I got this mess organized with a few things I found around my house…

organize accessories

Supplies for Accessory Organizer:

  • 12×12 open back frame
  • ribbon or ric rac
  • 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper
  • oatmeal container (emptied and rinsed)
  • fabric
  • stapler

organize accessories

The first thing I did was make a holder for all my fun hair flowers. I found a 12×12 open back frame and then stapled ribbon on each side. I stapled three 13 inch pieces across the back.

organize accessories

After I had the ribbon where I wanted it, I stapled a piece of scrapbook paper on top to create a backing. You could do a fun patterned piece as well to make it more unique. I was going for a simple look, but you can get creative with different colors and patterns!

organize accessories

After I made my frame I realized I had WAY too many hair accessories for that little frame. Lol! So then I stapled a 24inch piece of ribbon to the wall with a stapler. This is a super quick and inexpensive fix that anyone can do!

organize accessories

Then for my headbands I created a holder by wrapping some fabric around an empty oatmeal can. I tied off  the ends with some twine to hold the fabric on. Such an easy project and it works great for storage!

organize accessories

I keep my earrings organized in a craft container, it makes it easy to see everything I have. :)

organize accessories

It feels much better to be able to see everything. I hope you’ll be able to try out some of these ideas in your home. They are simple and inexpensive fixes that make a HUGE difference! I love getting organized. How about you?

So who’s started Spring Cleaning?



  1. I love, love, love these ideas! AND doing the closets first is GENIUS! I am putting them on my to do list NOW! Starting next week, I am starting with the coat closet! Every one is cram-packed full!!!

  2. I have been looking for a way to organize my daughter’s headbands. I was thinking coffee can but I like the oatmeal container better. Thank you!

  3. I absolutely love what clever things you have done to organize your accessories. And the thing I love most is that you did not run out and buy any materials.

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