Top 10 Crafting Supplies I Can’t Live Without

Here’s a list of my project must haves. I keep all these items at my fingertips for all my crafting needs.

10. Scissors: a good spendy pair of scissors, for cutting fabric and a plethora of other things! As a kid, my Mom never let us use her “expensive” scissors for just anything.

9. Rotary Cutter & Self Healing Mat: the cutter is easy and the mat is magic!

8. Needle and Thread: I always have a cross-stitch needle #26 around handy for embroidery or stitching my greeting cards, but any size needle and any color of thread will do for now. White and black thread are good to start with.

7. Popsicle Sticks: great for any kind of craft, puppets, signs, to chew on while you sew.

6. Paper Trimmer: Fiskar 12″ paper cutter/slicer, for making cards, cutting straight lined paper.

5. Felt Squares: any color, can be used for anything, no sewing needed, cut and it’s done. I always have a few laying around, who knows what project I will need them for.

4. Hot Glue Gun: fuse anything together, and make sure to have a bowl of ice water near by when using (says Martha).

3. Glue Stick: fuse anything together, while keeping it thin.

2. Double-Bias Tape: I use Bias Tape for almost every project I do! Good for bindings, this way the edge is practically done for you. I can’t go without a few colors and sizes of these around.

1. JoAnn Fabric Store’s 40% off coupon: sign up for a mailer, in the Sunday newspaper, or on their website. Really good fabric is so expensive these days, so coupon is a must have!

There are many more items that could go on this list, depending what crafting mode I’m in. I’m sure you have your own unique lists. I want to see them. Write in your top ten lists! Maybe I am missing something that I shouldn’t be left without!

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