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Two Holidays in One

I have had my kitchen table for too long, but it is not quite time to replace it. So I needed to cover it and give it a little color. I wanted to make a fall placemat, but I also wanted to make a Christmas placemat for the next month. I decided to combine the two and make a Double-Sided Placemat. One side is for Fall and one side is for Christmas, two holidays in one.


I bought 2 fat quarters of fabric, one has leaves for fall, the other has stars and swirls for Christmas. Then I bought red double bias tape to bind the placemat together. The red color is perfect because it matches the Fall colors and the Christmas colors. I did cut down both fabric pieces, you will need to decide how large you want yours, square or rectangle.



Then I laid one piece down (right side down). I cut a piece of batting the size of the fabric. I laid down the batting on top of the first piece and laid down the second piece (right side up) on top of the batting. They make a little sandwich.


Making sure it was all flat and straight, I pinned the whole thing. The placemat is so small that it wouldn’t fit onto a quilt frame to get it all straight, so I had to just keep checking the bottom piece and make sure it wasn’t bunching.


Next, I got my red binding and sewed it around the edges. Here is a picture of how I fold each corner. I sew to the end of the edge, then take the piece off the machine. Then fold the corner over and start sewing again. Repeat this for 3 of the corners. For the last corner, I just fold the binding under and sew it to the end. This may not make sense, so try to look at the photos, or do whatever works.




Once the piece has the binding, remove all the pins. I then tied the quilted placemat with red DMC floss thread (all 6 stands). I tried to follow a pattern with the thread, making it even all around.


Now you are done and have a fun quilted placemat that is double-sided for 2 holidays in one. Simply flip the placemat over on December 1st.



  1. OCJEN, Those are good questions, of course I am not laughing!

    If you go to a fabric store, they always have little pre-cut fabric pieces called “Fat Quarters”. They measure around 18 inches by 21 inches. It is just nice to buy these sometimes so that you don’t have to wait in line to get something cut and you only need a little bit of fabric. They usually are more expensive than if you just had the people cut you 1/4 yard of fabric, but I find them convenient. Fat Quarters are available at almost any fabric store, even JoAnns.

    The mat that the fabric is laying on is like a cutting board for fabric. It is a self-healing mat that you use a rolling cutter to measure and cut fabric. It works like magic. Here is a picture of what it is:

  2. What a GREAT idea! I don’t know why I’ve never thought about doing something like that before. So simple- yet GENIUS!

    PS- I made ribs last night because of your post, YUM!

  3. Very pretty! 2 question for you. Now, remember, I’m a wannabe crafter so don’t laugh. What is “2 fat quarters of fabric” and what is that mat thing called that you laid down under the placemat while you were pinning it?

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